A new journey begins

When I was young I always wanted to work in a library and followed this dream for many years, training as a library technician and then as a librarian. Sadly, after many years in the industry, I realised that I no longer had the same passion that first led me down the path of librarianship.My turning point came after a paticularly stressful run at being a team leader in a large academic library, my health was once again deteriorating. I had become intolerant to many of the foods I had loved and was constanstly sick, tired and miserable. Something had to change.

Being a Taurean I have always loved food, although it was poor food choices that led to my ill health. After much soul searching and numerous discussions with my shiatsu masseuse, I decided to embark on a new career path as a nutritionist. I have the begun the journey to becoming a nutritionist and with it I have discovered a new passion for food and nutrition.

I have been diagnosed with multiple food allergies (not intolerances) and while they are not life threatening have certainly not been good for my health. My journey through the study of nutrition has led me to change my diet, lose weight and stop taking some of the medications that I have been on for a number of years. My long-term goal is to be drug free and healthy.